Does each person need to download the PikMyKid Parent app and register?

Yes, each parent or authorized pickup delegate who is actively involved in the dismissal routine will need to download the PikMyKid Parent app from their respective app stores. Once the app has been downloaded, select the "Register a New Account" option to register. Each person will need to register with their own credentials.

 Apple store:

Google play store:


What do I do if I am not able to see my child(ren) on the home screen of my parent app?

The app will only connect you to your child(ren) if the mobile number on school records matches your registered mobile number. Some schools may share a unique QR  code for parents to get connected.  Please tap on the light blue icon located on the bottom right side of your screen to scan the code. Once you have successfully scanned the code you will see your child on your screen.  If your school did not use this month or it is not working please send an email to and provide the following information for further assistance:

  1. The name of your child or children

  2. The dismissal ID (for each child)

  3. The name of the school your child attends

  4. The cell phone number you have registered with  

  5. If you do not have a dismissal ID, please contact your school and they will provide you with the number.

Can I use the app if I am not a parent?

Yes, if you are not the parent, you should still download our app to use when you pick up the student. One of the primary parents must delegate pickup to you directly from their phones. You will be other students in the OTHER CHILDREN section. Please make sure parents invited you to the correct phone number.


How do I see students that have been delegated to me by another parent?

To see a delegation for the same day, simply log into your PikMyKid Parent app. Within your “Children” tab, select “Other Children” to view the students you have been delegated for pickup. Click on the date to see any additional details about the delegation. If a parent has already delegated to you for today you can announce from the “Pickup” tab.

If you do not see the child(ren) here, please contact one of the primary parents to make a delegation to you.

How to Announce my Arrival at campus?

You can announce for all students after their bell time and when you are on campus. Click the pickup icon and you will see the Green Announce icon. You can unselect students if you are not picking them up by turning the toggle next to the student OFF

Why am I not able to announce?

The announce button will be grayed out or inactive most of the time. The announce button becomes active while on the school campus and once the dismissal time has started. If you are still not able to announce please check the following:

1) Your location services are turned ON.

2) The toggle button next to the student's name(s) is in the ON position (green).

3) Make sure the school has the Announce feature enabled for your child's dismissal method.

4) Make sure that your child has not been assigned to a bus route that day. The announcement is unavailable for buses.

How do I turn on my location services?


Phone settings --> Location --> make sure your location service is turned on
Phone settings --> apps --> PikMyKid app --> Permissions --> make sure Location is enabled

Settings--> Privacy--> Location Services--> make sure your location service is turned on
Settings --> PikMyKid App--> Location --> make sure While Using is selected

What is the purpose of Location Sharing via the app?

Location sharing is important to determine the proximity of your location from the school so the school will be able to manage the dismissal process more efficiently. No positional information is stored in our system or used for any other purpose.

What if the person picking up does NOT have a smartphone?

The school will provide you with a car tag to use during dismissal. The car tag should be displayed in the front driver's side window for staff to view. The car tag will have the student's name, teacher, and school dismissal ID. If you have family members without a smartphone please make sure they have a car tag available to them for use. For those schools that do not use a car tag, the school will communicate to the parents their own custom process.

What do I do if my screen is freezing or is slow?

1. Uninstall and reinstall the PikMyKid app

2. Upgrade to the latest iOS or Android software

3. Make Sufficient Free Storage Space Available

4. Restart your phone


Why am I not able to make changes to my child’s calendar?

The App is very flexible to include the changes till the end of the school year. Few reasons for not able to make changes would

  1.  If you are trying to make same-day changes after the pick-off and/or delegation cut off times set by the school. Typically, this could be up to an hour before the dismissal time. 

  2. Any changes after this cut-off time will have to be done by contacting the school. Please try to put pick up changes on your child’s calendar in advance. Any regular carpool schedules, after school attendance or changes can all be set to recur automatically.

  3. Or your student is marked absent of already dismissed for the day


How do I make a pickup mode or delegation change?

  1. Select your child's name from the "Children" tab 
  2. Choose the applicable calendar date when you want the change to start OR Select More Actions on your bottom right corner 
  3. Select Change Pickup on the box below the calendar OR Create Pickup if using More actions 
  4. Select the desired pickup option from the drop-down. Then select who is picking up. 
  5. Confirm Change to save your selection-You will see a green notification on the top of the screen with the confirmation of the changes.

Why I am not able to change the pickup mode to the bus?

Schools may have restricted the Bus to specific routes or allow only for pre-approved students. Some schools have that open for all. The app will allow parents to change a child(s) primary pickup mode from bus to car line, walker, or after-school. To change from car line, walker, or after-school to bus the parent will need to contact the school for approval to ensure they are listed for a specific bus route.


What is an OTP code and what do I do if I did not receive an OTP code?

The OTP (One Time Passcode) process is used to verify the authenticity of the phone number from which the request has been sent. This process helps in making sure the school gets valid parent information to ensure the safety of students. OTP codes will only be sent to a MOBILE phone number (landline numbers can not be registered).


How do I change my information?

You can change your name, password or notification preferences from your Account tab. To change the registered email address or phone number, please send an email to with your full name and the correct email and mobile number and we will work with the school to update your records.


Why does the phone does not remember my login information?

The phone has a biometric option now to help users use their Thumbprint or Faceid based login.  You can go to the account section and turn the toggle next to biometric to GREEN so you can enjoy touch-free login. 


There might be few versions of iPhones where IOS upgrades are not supported. These iPhones may impact the behavior of the app. To optimize the local storage space:

Settings--> iTunes & App Store --> Offload Unused Apps must be enabled (green)

You can enable biometrics (Touch Id as well as Face Id) to make signing in easier for you.

How many people can I add to my students' accounts?

Schools nominate two key contacts for security purposes and these two parents when registered with the app they will have full access to a child’s scheduling. Or Schools may share a unique code to parents to register and connect themselves. 

If you need to add a third person to the account, who is actively involved in the daily dismissal routine of your child, you will need to make a delegation on the parent app (see instructions on “How do I make a pickup or delegation change”.  

If you are one of the registered parents:

. You can add any number of parents to make a pickup change, who are actively involved in the daily dismissal routine of your child. However, on a given day you can only have 1 person designated for pickup other than the registered parents. You will add this person as a delegate who will pick up for the day. Please refer to “How to make a pickup change”  for more guidance. 


I am unable to register by phone (VOIP):

Some VOIP carriers are not able to receive the OTP from the carrier we send, we apologize for any inconvenience. Please contact with your full name, email address, and mobile number and we will assist you with registration.

Why do I see “contact your school administrator”?

You are probably using the school website for school users only. The parent website app should be!/. The website is intended to be used for school staff only. Go to the PikMyKid parent app to reset or change your password. If you are using the parent web-based version please make sure you are on the 

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Select “Forgot Password” from the home screen of your PikMyKid Parent app. Enter your email address and select “Send Me Reset Instructions”. You should receive an email within 20 minutes. If you have trouble please contact

How do I change my password?

You can change your password from the login screen your log-in screen:

  1. Select “Forgot Password”. Enter your email address then select "Send Reset Link".
  2. You will receive an email from within 20 minutes else please check your spam folder. From this email, please click on "Reset Password". 
  3. This will take you to a window where you will type your desired password. Please save your change by tapping "Reset Password"

If you know your current password and wish to change it: 

  1. Select the "Account" tab from the bottom of your PikMyKid Parent app, then “Change Password”

  2.  From here you will enter your existing password and the new password.

How do I turn ON or OFF my notifications?

Log into the PikMyKid parent app. Select the "Account" tab from the bottom of your PikMyKid Parent app, then “Notifications Preferences”. Disable/enable notifications preferences from the next screen. Don't forget to select “Save” to complete the changes.  Please remember that most schools will want parents to have their notifications turned on for security reasons.

How do I announce for only one of my children?

From the “Pickup” tab of the parent app, select the toggle off (gray out) the bar next to the child name who does not need to be announced. Once you have finished, select the green “Announce” button at the bottom of the home screen to announce for the other children.

You can also use our parent guide to learn more about installation -Click here for Parent guide in english
You can also use our parent guide to learn more about installation - Click here for Spanish guide